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in the absence of darkness…

Carry this with you in the absence of darkness… Like a renaissance, this unisex fragrance transports each person through a brighter experience. Made present by bold notes of black pepper; the more you get to know it, subtle hints of leather and tobacco warm your inner spirit. While lasting impressions are seamlessly tied together from romantic shades of Turkish rose and cashmere musk.

Qiaroskuro was designed for those unique individuals who choose to live a life of contrasting experiences. When the world goes left, you go right. 

Created by artist and serial entrepreneur, Michael-Paul Lane, who often draws his inspiration from the darker side of life.

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Michael-Paul Lane

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Michael-Paul was born in East Texas and started his first business at the age of 18. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and driven by the scent of life, this action led him on a path towards profound self-discovery.

After years of starting companies and experiencing the edges of life, Michael-Paul decided to cultivate a brand which shares his rare perspective and truly reflects his personal style.

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